Elk Chute Lodge was built in 2017 in Gobler, Missouri.  It is owned and operated by Stuart Worrell, his wife Jill, and their 3 daughters Hannah, Abby, and Macey.  Stuart is a lifelong resident and farmer of Rives, Missouri. He, his dad Parker Worrell, his brother Steve Worrell, and his nephew Zach Worrell farm approximately 6,000 acres of rice and soybeans in the Rives/Gobler area.  In the off season, these flooded rice fields, along with the fields of other area farmers, attract hunters from all over the United States.  Although the ducks are plentiful and the influx of duck hunters increase each year, quality lodging is scarce in this area.  After talking to many duck hunters and guide services, Stuart realized even more the need and desire for comfortable, clean accommodations by these hunters.  This was the beginning of Elk Chute Lodge.  Stuart designed the lodge around the needs of the hunter... food preparation, comfort, cleanliness, entertainment, atmosphere, fellowship with other hunters, warm accommodations for their pups, cleaning area and storage for game, and storage for hunting gear.  What began as one building with 10 bedrooms/20 beds has now expanded to four buildings with 21 bedrooms/59 beds.  These four building include the main lodge (ECL), 2 bunkhouses and a venue for events that we call "The South Wing".  


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