Here at Elk Chute Lodge we know what it's like to stay out in the pit or blind all day.  After setting out your spread, working your dog, calling, and braving the harsh wind and rain all day, your first priority is to relax and unwind after a hunt.  We strive to maintain a clean and peaceful atmosphere in which all of our guests are happy with their stay.  If you're looking for all these things and more, look no further.  Book a room with Elk Chute Lodge and let us introduce you to some of the many great local guide services.  You're sure to have a memorable hunt and will always come back to a comfortable bed.


Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted in the state of Missouri and we are open for business.  However, recognizing the ongoing and increased uncertainty that coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing around the world, our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our guests and employees. With that in mind, we wanted to update you on the actions we have taken in response to the outbreak.


PLEASE NOTE, we ask guests to remain home if symptoms occur including fever, chills, shortness of breath and muscle or body aches within 14 days of your reservation OR if you are currently awaiting COVID-19 test results. Please know we wish you well and look forward to your future stay. For more information or if you need to reschedule your reservation, please contact us.

Rest assured, we are monitoring the impact of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and want to assure you we are taking necessary steps to offer the best experience possible for all of our guests and staff. We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statements regarding COVID-19 cases and are following their guidelines as well as those of our local health departments.

The well being of our guests and staff is of paramount importance. Elk Chute Lodge has always been committed to caring for its guests and the cleanliness of its property. In addition to what we do every day, we have implemented the following actions to be at the forefront of our daily operation:

  • We are disinfecting all commonly touched door knobs, stair railing, faucets, counters and switches multiple times daily with CDC recommended products. 

  • Our housekeeping staff have added extra sanitation steps to include utilizing disinfectant products in bedr00ms with a heightened focus in restrooms, kitchens and dining areas so you can relax knowing your accommodation has been cleaned with precision.

  • We have placed hand-sanitizing stations strategically across the property to ensure you have access to this vital hygiene tool.

  • We are encouraging social distancing in common areas.

  • We have masks available for interested guests when social distancing guidelines cannot be maintained.


The health and safety of our housekeeping staff are vital in providing you an optimal experience. We are supporting our staff to better care for you during your stay by:

  • Providing staff with hand sanitizer and protective equipment.

  • Utilizing surface sanitizers and other items in accordance with CDC recommendations.



Guest Count:

CDC does not have a limit or recommend a specific number of attendees for events. Instead, they encourage event organizers to focus on ways to limit people’s contact with each other. In general, the number that is chosen should allow individuals to remain at least 6 feet apart from each other.

ECL will……

 1) prioritize outdoor activities where social distancing can be maintained as much as possible

 2) limit attendance or seating capacity to allow for social distancing as follows…..

  • Indoor Event Limit - 100 guests

  • Outdoor Event Limit or a Combination of Indoor and Outdoor Seating - 200 Guests

3) block off rows or sections of seating to offer those with a higher risk for severe illness

     (including older adults and people of any age with underlying medical conditions) in order to

      limit their exposure risk

4) use multiple entrances and exits and discourage crowded waiting areas

5) encourage people to stay at least 6 feet apart by providing signs or other visual cues


Face Masks:

CDC recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public settings and when around people who don’t live in their household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. CDC recommends that organizers require staff to wear cloth face coverings and encourage attendees ahead of events to bring and wear cloth face coverings at the event. Cloth face coverings are most essential when physical distancing is difficult (such as when moving within a crowd). Cloth face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms. Cloth face coverings are not surgical masks. They are not personal protective equipment.

ECL will………

1) recommend that clients encourage guests before the event to bring and wear cloth face

    coverings; not required, only recommended  

2) out of respect and concern for our guests, require staff to wear cloth face coverings around guests when

     social distancing cannot be maintained

3) provide face covering for interested guests who did not bring his/her own

4) increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible by opening windows and 



Once again, we ask clients to remind their guests to remain home if symptoms occur including fever, chills, shortness of breath and muscle or body aches within 14 days of your reservation, have had a positive test for,  OR if you are currently awaiting COVID-19 test results.  Our highest priority is the health and well being of our guests and staff. For more information or if you need to reschedule your reservation, please contact us.

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